Why Contentserv?

Why Contentserv?

Contentserv is a technology leader in the area of marketing solutions. Our software facilitates the day-to-day business of more than 300,000 users in 89 countries.

Whether big or small, Contentserv has a solution for any challenge

Our solutions for Product Information (PIM), Digital/Media Assets (MAM) & Marketing texts can be selected flexibly based on your requirements.

We offer our customers an Enterprise solution for the implementation of rather complex and partly customized requirements with consideration given to comprehensive integration as well as an SMB solution for the quick and easy implementation of many standard requirements. Customers can also choose the cloud solution, which has the advantage of being quickly deployed.

You do not have to decide beforehand which of our solutions best suits your needs. We are happy to do this together with you based on your requirements. Just let us know which of your requirements we can work on together and contact us without obligation.

Deployment OptionMulti Datacenter, Global Enterprise?Multi Datacenter deployments make sense, when a system is used across continents, in a decentral way and with many local users contributing to a global (or partially global) data repository. Consistence between storage is the main consideration in multi datacenter solutions.
Single Datacenter, Enterprise?Single Datacenter deployments make sense, when the bulk of the core users work within a geographical region, while other users are mainly read-only. A single datacenter can be improved for read access by usage of export staging servers or Content Delivery Networks (CDN). High availability and efficient disaster recovery are the main consideration in an enterprise multi server, single datacenter solution.
Single Datacenter, SMB?Classical small and medium business deployments work on a single datacenter or are hosted with external service providers. Infrastructure expenses and operating cost are the main consideration. As such, it is most ideal to avoid the necessity of server clustering by relieving data storage and application servers by the setup of dedicated import / export, search or reporting servers.
SaaS?SaaS is the most suitable solution for small to medium sized deployments, when the main stratgy is to focus on „sticking to the standards“. Fast deployment and setup
VerticalDistributed deployment across multi continent datacenter using grid computing and Swift Object StoreHigh availability server cluster (with active / passive datacenter) with clustered content delivery server for realtime deliveriesSetup with Webserver, Database Server and optional rendering servers for deployment in datacenter or hosted solutionCloud deploymnet on shared ressources, with data residing on exclusive Virtual Machines
Typical amount of concurrent (power)-users> 25050 – 25020 – 505 – 20
Typical TCO per user and month200 – 400 Euros (*)
Retail?When it comes to customer experience, the retail industry is one of the most affected industries. The big international retail giants all invested heavily into data-driven, context-sensitive marketing. Smaller niche players focus on specialized topics and audiences. An ever more segmented product marketing with even higher frequency for promotions and campaigns dramatically changes the process and system landscape within retail organizations. A promotion driven PIM that differentiates communication by audiences and situations is a must-have for safeguarding the future success.
Many retailers are active in confined markets only and future international growth will impose a challenge to their system landscape. International retail giants typically have highly regional organizational structures, with huge ponential in levying global synergies while keeping up a local flavour.
Onboarding, Golden Record Creation, Match & Merge, Context & audiences, Promotion & Campaigns, Pricing
CPG?Consumer Producing Goods industries are challenged by the higher demands for complete, useful and relevant information required by the customers. This drives a highly complex and rich data model for product communication, which focusses more and more on the editorial content required for content marketing. The creation and constant enhancement of product related content involves large teams, nowadays across different disciplines from engineering, product management, catalog management all the way to training and customer support. The translation to a multitude of languages as well as the contextualization of product content to regional & cultural aspects, while at the same time catering to the specific information needs by highly segmented audiences drives the need for contextual marketing strategies.
Complex data model, multi-tier workflows, translation management, Tables
Foods & Drugs?The product data management in food and drugs is highly determined by the strict compliance rules of the Foods and Drugs Administration. Regarding the information requirements on ingredients and allergens in food, the European LMIV directive is even stricter. Food and drugs are governed by high compliance requirements, driving the need for seamless audit trails including approval management, tasks & annotation tracking, versioning and archiving of all processes that lead to a release of labels, marketing material or other product information. Clear responsibilities are organised, frequently in a Responsible – Accountable – Consulted – Informed – Verify – Signoff (RACI-VS) setup. As an additional service to the customer, background information on ingredients on the one side, regional suppliers and producers, as well as recipes and health advice on the other side drive the need for editorial product information management.
FDA compliance, RACI-VS with complete audit trail / approval management, ingerdients managementnot available
Manufacturing?The manufacturing industry is driven by the ambivalence between providing theoretically countless configurations, while trying to standardize marketable product configurations with optimised cost situations in a classical product catalog. Onecentral challenge is to provide product variants, configurations and in-depth technical content to Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions or sales configurators. The challenge in marketing is moving away from „you name it, we can build it“ to promoting discrete and thus tangible marketing products. This requires content marketing for components, materials, options and their features as well as a sophisticated content marketing for technical advice.
Complex data model, product variants & configuration, product lifecyclenot available
Finance?In the past years, financial institutes have been subjected to an ever increasing governmental control, going along with strict compliance regulations. Since opportunity windows for in-person contact constantly decrease, the digitial interactions have to be of supreme customer experience. A multitude of channels are used to reach the customer: Social media, website, Apps, banking software, online configurators and many more. And all interactions have one thing in common: Only contextually optimized and highly relevant information will contribute to a successful customer journey. In order to achieve a reliable, compliant and constant content production, processes and paradigms are changing: Editorial content is templatized and offerings are productized to reach a degree of standardization that globally distributed teams can handle. Project & team management as well as organisation of responsibilities according to RACI-VS are key to managing complex editorial projects within the PIM system.
Editorial content, audiences, compliance & audit trails, team & project managementnot available

(*) depends on server setup, SLA requirements, depreciation (average useful life for PIM is 10 years!), extent of customization;

You are an upper medium-sized company with surpreme demands on product communication?

You´re based in the heart of Europe and you are searching for a solution to maintain languages, products and media fast and easily online? To provide media centrally and consistently both online and offline? To change data once only and let it update itself in all channels? And to create considerably more marketing output quicker and easier?

Learn more about our collaborative standard software solution for Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, and Multichannel Management on www.contentserv.com!

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The Software Suite for a better Customer Experience

The Customer Experience is increasingly becoming the key element for companies. The driving force behind this development are not key touch points such as POS or support, but the customers‘ end-to-end journey with a company. Customer Experience is the cumulative impression across several touch points that either creates a genuine/true connection between customer and product or brand or just the opposite.

The management of customer communication across several touch points places high demands on advertising and marketing leaders since the provided content for products and services has to be consistent, relevant and matching/suitable for each individual touch point. Only if these demands are met can a customer journey be successful and create/boost the customers‘ loyalty to a company and product.

It has been proven that companies with a strong customer experience may grow twice as fast as competing companies that place less or no importance on customer experience. Together with our strong technology partners, we thus help companies to optimize their success.

Focus on the customers‘ success

The CONTENTSERV CONTENT CLOUD with its powerful content engine, content composer and content delivery enables companies to develop their content in a granular and efficient manner, to manage it in a fragmented manner and compose the content modules in a contextual manner before delivering the optimized content across all channels.

Our company clearly focuses on the customers‘ success. If our customers are successful, we will be successful as well. We therefore channel all of our company’s activities and efforts towards achieving this goal.

We work together with a strong partner network. In collaboration with other technology suppliers we provide our customers with an end-to-end solution while at the same time ensuring a successful system launch on all continents along with our consulting and implementation partners.

We also organize customer events where our customers have the opportunity to give direct feedback to our product management and thus improve our already very successful software even more. We do anything for your success!

Marketing Power. Fast´N Easy.

Thanks to the commitment of 150 highly motivated employees in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, India and the US, Contentserv was recently chosen growth champion for 2016 by Statista and the business magazine Focus.

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CONTENTSERV – more than 15 years of concentrated competence

Competency, experience and pioneering spirit in the development, management and implementation of more than 400 projects

Solutions for Content Creation

The Contentserv Creation Suite supports the management, creation, and intelligent linking of content and business rules. This enables you to manage your entire content in one single source. It facilitates the planning and implementation of your communication measures.

Content Creation with Contentserv

Solutions for Content Management

Contentserv´s solution for Content Management and Composing offers you powerful automations for the indexing of content for the hyper personalization. It also provides for the intelligent linking of product groups and products to meet all of your customers‘ requirements.

Content Management with Contentserv

Solutions for Content Distribution

Our software presents your entire content comprising images, videos, product texts, master data and much more for each specific channel in the required form and format. In addition, it customizes these processes for each client depending on their individual customer journey.

Content Distribution with Contentserv


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